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Aotea Roast

Aotea Roast Blend - 1kg

Aotea Roast Blend - 1kg

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Our fresh, locally roasted artisan blend is set to become your new favourite morning boost. Guaranteed to give you the perfect buzz to launch into your day and satisfy those tastebuds.

Bring the adventures and serenity of our island paradise into your morning rhythm with our off grid, hand roasted, limited artisan beans.

Each batch is roasted on our humble off-grid setup, allowing for a more delicate, slow, and intentional process ensuring every bean reaches it's full potential. 

Our signature blend boasts a delightful medley of tasting notes from the bright floral front that awakens your senses, to the velvety smoothness and a lingering rich caramel finish.

We've discovered the sweet spot with our medium-dark roast making it perfect for your espresso, plunger, stovetop, or AeroPress brew. 

NOTE: We're hand crafting limited quantities over here (100kg/month) so priority goes to our legendary subscribers. Join our crew today and never miss out on your morning brew again. Get the goods delivered direct to your door! (Subscriptions Available for monthly delivery).

If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly at

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