Our Story

It all started a few years back when we found a great patch of dirt on Aotea/Great Barrier Island. With our Kiwi can-do attitude and a global appreciation for exceptional coffee, we embarked on an adventure like no other.

Welcome to Aotea Roast, New Zealand's pioneering off-grid coffee roastery!

Nestled within 12 acres of native bush, our roastery thrives in the middle of nature. Here, we craft exceptional small batch, artisan coffee to fuel you through your Barrier adventures and beyond.

At Aotea Roast, we value community, sustainability, and adventure. With every sip of our coffee, you'll taste the authenticity and care we pour into every bean. Our coffee embodies our values and reflects our love for this pristine island paradise.

So, whether you're embarking on a daring hike, exploring secret beaches, or simply fuelling yourself for a work day ahead, let our coffee be your trusted companion. Aotea Roast is here to fuel your wanderlust, ignite your taste buds, and ensure that your daily adventures are nothing short of extraordinary.

Join us on this exhilarating ride! We are stoked to have you with us.

Aotea Roast: where community, nature, adventure and coffee collide. Let the journey begin!

Our Process

The Beans

Our green beans are a carefully selected blend from Brazil, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. Each of these beans boasts a unique flavour and when blended together create a harmonious taste that is robust, full bodied and velvety (One day we hope to grow our own beans on the island!). They're sailed over to Motu Aotea where they are transported up to our off-grid island roastery.

Perfectly Roasted

Here's where the magic happens. Set up in the middle of native bush, with our humble barrier set up. Our small batch artisan blends are carefully tended to and roasted in our traditional Turkish made gas roaster.

Hand Packed

The freshly roasted coffee beans are hand-packaged, ready to be delivered straight to your door. Each bag is carefully filled and sealed by our skilled team, ensuring that the flavours and aromas you crave are captured perfectly. When you open your package, you'll be greeted with the enticing scent of freshly roasted goodness, knowing that each bean was handled with care.


For our local coffee connoisseurs and businesses, we've mastered sustainable caffeine delivery with our eco-powered e-bike and solar-charged adventures. It's coffee magic on wheels!

If you're not local, fear not! We'll go the extra mile (without pigeons, sadly) to ensure you get your beloved brew. Because a world without your favourite coffee is a dark place. So sit tight and let us bring the caffeinated sunshine to your doorstep, one way or another! Indulge in a cup of perfection, delivered with passion, from our hands to yours.

Off The Grid

Nz's 1st Off Grid Roastery!

Roasting coffee beans off the grid is like embarking on a caffeinated adventure that Mother Nature would approve of. We're not just brewing a fantastic cup of joe; we're summoning the powers of sustainability and creating an experience that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance.

By ditching traditional energy sources and embracing off-grid roasting methods, we reduce our carbon footprint and give a big bear hug to the environment we love. With solar energy leading the charge, we roast our beans in perfect harmony with nature, brewing up a greener and cleaner future, one delicious cup at a time.

But here's where it gets exciting. Off the grid, we're the masters of our coffee universe. No more limits imposed by conventional power grids. We can tweak and tune every roast to perfection, unveiling the full potential of each precious bean.

And the best part? Roasting off the grid has us in an off-the-beaten-path location sourrounded with native bush, breathtaking views and serene, sandy beaches. Our off-grid roastery embraces the wild at heart, connecting us with nature's beauty and infusing every sip with a sense of place and adventure.

In a nutshell, roasting coffee beans off the grid offers a triple blend of awesomeness: saving the planet, mastering the art of coffee craftsmanship, and satisfying that wanderlust spirit within. So grab a cup of our off-grid roasted coffee, savor the remarkable flavors, and join us on this thrilling journey towards a brighter, bolder, and more flavorful future.

Cheers to being coffee rebels with a cause saving our planet one cup at a time!

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